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This is my blog. On this blog I will tell you the lats on my site and I will anserwthe questions in my comments. Don't be shy to ask a question o leave a comment about the site.
     Hi readers I only got one comment and that's from myself saying that i'm the creater. Don't be shy to write in. Tomaro im going to a swim meat. wish me luck.
     Hi readers, so what do u think of my site. Is there anything that u think i should add. More games, another page, anything like that. What is ur favorit part of my site?
Park Rides
     Check it out. i was on thisrde at glenwood springs advencher park called the sling shot. u go on this swing then it swings over this canyon and back. The picture of this ride is just to the right of this paragrath.

I Need You
     i got a new camera 4 christmas. a Kodak EasyShare CD82. i can send e-mails 2 it. i e-mailed 2 my self just 2 c how it would come out. so wen i checked my e-mail it was not there. my only e-mails were from store avertising there holiaday sales. coment me with a quick sujestion on wat 2 do. thank you. :-)
    if u guysneed help with something just let e know inthe comments. if i cant help u then some one else might n the coments.


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