This s the page where I will tell you about school, right now I'm in middel school.

Hi readers, so right now my scinscs teacher is expecting me to sho up at school at 7am to retake  test. Right now I have a 0% on this big test because I was sick the day she gve us the test. You can't blam me if I was sick. Not 2 meachen she is telling us hat we r requered t do a expo. Expo projects r like almost imosibal to get good grades on, or at least past her it is. But, one of my teachers said that I schoud be in this councel club thing. It's not bad. We talk about how at shool wecan mix it up. I think that there should be a day were we choose what class to go to, and when. So we can meet new peopel other than the ones that we see ever day. For exampel... I don't have P.E. entill after Christmas break, so I could join P.E for littel while and then go to another class that I dn't have. Another idea itto have afree period. This middel school, why don't we have one. Any way, like I was typeing, one of he teachers recamended mefo this. But, I don't know wid one. It was not my science teacher, that's for sure. I tink it was my health teacher. He is the one that gave me the hall pass to go to this. He must of knowed wat it was for.

     Hi readers, so I tuck that mackup test today. u no the 1 n science tat happened when  was absent. Anyone that got below a 70% had 2 macke it up. the class room was almost 25% full. wich is a lot because it's a big class room. I dont know what mygrade is but if i know my teacher at all it's not going to be good. today I also cleaned my locker. who knew that tere was so much trash in there. Now my locker looks like a locker and not like trash can. Plus stuff dosen't fall out when I open it. 
      Hi again. so idont want to hert any feelings so i will just use # in this story. so im friends with 1,2, and3. 1 hates 2 and3. 2 hates1 back. and 3 dosen no that 1 hates her. but 1ad2 no they hate each other. s me and 3 r suck in the middel. but 1 also hates 3. do u get it. i know it is confuseing. ha hav u ever relived that my paragrapfs 4 tis page hasbeen getin shorter.

     Hi readers, so 1,2,and3 r friends again just to let u know. it was funny wht happend today. i think i just planed my entire winnter brake withot even thinking about it. tomoro is the last day of school. and 1 f my friends r coming other with me on the bus. then we hav a sleep over. after tat another friend of mine is coming over. or i might go 2 her house. r parents need 2 meet b4 they choose whos house we go 2.. after that relitevis o mydads side of the family r coming over. when they leave i go to kansas to visit the relitives on my moms side of the family. when i coe bake to colorado i am throuing 6 of my closes frinds a new year eve party. then the next day im going 2 the dintis 2 get brases. im thinking of geting blue and white brases. the day after that i hav a docters apointment. im goingto c watface sope they will recamend to me.  by then it will be january 4th i think. i go bac to school on january 5th. there is my hole winnter brack. dou like it.