Did u hear about New Moon. It was #1 on the top 5. I love tha movie Isaw it 2 times all ready and plan to see it more. The 1st time I aw it with my mom, the 2ed time I saw it with my friend. Jacup it soooo CUTE. I luv him soooo much. Yes, I'm on team Jacup.  Oh my goodness, I love New Moon. How, ever they left out over half the book. an u imagen how long it would be if they put the hole book in there. But, the moive seemed soooo short to me. Oh well. I luv New Moon!!!!!
me again i saw new moon 3 times now. the first wth my mom. 2ed with my friend.3rd with anoter friend. and i plan 2 see it a 4th time.
hello readers, i just saw new moon 4 the4th time. i plan 2 see it a 5th time because my friend reely wants 2 c it again. then i plan 2 take another friend because she never saw tis movie yet.

yo wat up readers. u guysr probably woundering where im cing new moon over and over. well my favorit movie teater is the AMC movie teater becaue it is so awsome!!!:-)